New Orleans Fellows & Projects

2022-2023 Cohort

Riley Fedewa (she/her)
Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Riley is addressing social capital and empowerment amongst homeless women in New Orleans by strengthening community networks and fostering collaboration. The program will incorporate community-based asset mapping to strengthen organizational collaboration and group meetings at shelters to establish resource information exchanges among women in the homeless community.

Community Partner: TBD

Shakira Harding (she/her)
LSUHSC, School of Medicine

Shakira is addressing issues in hesitancy around health seeking behavior for female survivors of sexual trauma in the GNO by developing and implementing provider and public education programs. The program will incorporate a standardized curriculum in hopes of fostering greater accessible healthcare that is sensitive to the needs of survivors of sexual trauma.

Alexis Hernandez
LSUHSC, School of Medicine

Alexis is addressing the high rates of unplanned pregnancy and adverse outcomes associated with drug-exposed pregnancies by developing birth control education and navigation services for reproductive-aged people with uteruses who are receiving inpatient and intensive outpatient addiction treatment in New Orleans, La. The project aims to increase knowledge, positive attitudes, and access to birth control with a special emphasis on long-acting reversible contraception. In addition to providing birth control education and navigation, Alexis will employ a training of trainers (ToT) model to empower project participants to encourage contraceptive use amongst their own communities.

Community Partners: Odyssey House and Crescent Care

Shivani Jain (she/her or they/them)
LSUHSC, School of Medicine

Shivani is addressing disparities in educational and medical resource access for the deaf-blind pediatric and young adult community of New Orleans by conducting advocacy training sessions with primary caretakers and creating interactive tools that streamline resources. The program aims to foster greater levels of societal awareness, individual agency, and community support.

Community Partner: TBD

Dana Karkoutli (she/her)
LSUHSC, School of Dentistry

Dana & Jyoti are addressing oral health in the special needs community of the Greater New Orleans area by educating children and their caretakers on oral health by promoting proper dental hygiene habits. The program incorporates multi-specialty care clinics and will involve distribution of pamphlets and dental hygiene kits to promote the application of dental education long-term and foster positive attitudes towards going to the dentist.

Jyoti Prajapati  (she/her)
LSUHSC, School of Dentistry

Rose Vilcin (she/her)
Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy

Rose and Charlé are addressing the mental health crisis of Black people living in New Orleans that has been exacerbated by continual climate disasters, coronavirus pandemic, and systemic racism by establishing the College of Pharmacy Institute for Nurturing Growth (COPING) in partnership with the Xavier University Counseling & Wellness Center. COPING will provide an informative and inspiring curriculum to facilitate change in Black communities such as a self-care incentive program, mental health workshops, health fairs, live journaling and meditation events, physical activities, and a mental health resource physical and digital aggregate centered on three evidence-based target areas to improve Black mental health: 1) destigmatization, 2) self-care, and 3) suicide prevention.

Charlé Washington (she/her)
Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy